Do Or Die ft. Twista & Johnny P - Po Pimp (Do You Wanna Ride) | Official Video

Now you can purchase my videos here: Do or Die is an American rap trio originally from Chicago, Illinois. The group experienced mainstream success with the single "Po Pimp", which featured fellow Chicago rapper, Twista, off the album Picture This, that peaked at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100. Group members are Belo Zero, N.A.R.D. and AK-47. The trio has sold more than 3 million albums. Alongside Crucial Conflict, another Chicago group with a similar vocal and lyrical style, they helped launch the city's first national hip hop movement.

In October 2007, Do or Die member Belo Zero was sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree murder of 19-year-old Raynard Pinkston.

The group's seventh album, Trunk Music, was scheduled for release on September 2, 2008, but was pushed to November 3, 2008 when news surfaced that The Legendary Traxster who is producing the entire album, would be reuniting with Twista for the rapper's upcoming solo project. On July 16th, 2009 both producer Legendary Traxster as well as rapper Twista confirmed that they will be working together to produce Do or Die's next album. It was unclear however, whether this album will be the unreleased Trunk Music, but the new album will undoubtedly include previously released singles intended for Trunk Music.

Po Pim (Do You Wanna Ride) ft. Twista & Johnny P by Do Or Die

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